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Assisting Tourists on the Move - An Evaluation of Mobile Tourist Guides

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The penetration of high-end mobile devices equipped with GPS and enhanced with multimedia features together with decreasing mobile data prices have resulted in larger usage of mobile services. One<br> of the application domains particularly well-suited for mobile services is tourism, not least since tourists can be assisted especially during the vacation itself.<br> Currently, there is a proliferation of such mobile tourist guides, proposing an unmanageable number of diverse functionalities. To counteract this situation, the contribution of this paper is threefold. First, an evaluation framework is proposed, comprising both, a classification of mobile tourist services and a<br> categorization of their delivery aspects in terms of several orthogonal dimensions. Second, on basis of this framework, four representative mobile tourist guides are evaluated, thereby demonstrating the frameworks´ applicability. Third, several lessons<br> learned are discussed, thereby shedding light on the current state of effort in the area of mobile tourist guides.
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(Business Informatics)
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Information and Communication Technology
Proc. of 7th International Conference on Mobile Business
IEEE Computer Society
ISBN: 978-0-7695-3260-8
171 - 180
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<u>C. Grün</u>, H. Werthner, W. Retschitzegger, W. Schwinger, B. Pröll: <br>"<i><a href="http://publik.tuwien.ac.at/files/PubDat_170357.pdf" target="_blank" class="publist">Assisting Tourists on the Move - An Evaluation of Mobile Tourist Guides</a></i>"; <br>Talk: 7th International Conference on Mobile Business, Barcelona; 07-07-2008 - 07-08-2008; in: "<i>Proc. of 7th International Conference on Mobile Business</i>", X. Busquets, J. Wareham (ed.); IEEE Computer Society, (2008), ISBN: 978-0-7695-3260-8; 171 - 180.<br><br> <a href="https://publik.tuwien.ac.at/showentry.php?ID=170357&lang=2" class="publist"><i>More information</i></a><br><br>
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