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A Business Collaboration Registry Model on Top of ebRIM

B. Hofreiter, C. Huemer, M. Zapletal
IEEE Computer Society
Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on e-Business Engineering (ICEBE'06)
392 - 400
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Business Informatics
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Information and Communication Technology
UN/CEFACT´s Modeling Methodology (UMM) is a well<br> accepted approach to define inter-organizational business<br> processes. UMM models should be managed in a registry<br> for two reasons: Firstly, business partners supporting the<br> process can find it and bind to it. Secondly, a model -<br> or more important parts thereof - may be reused in another<br> model of an inter-organizational process. Accordingly,<br> registering one model as one object in a registry<br> is not appropriate. Those parts of a model that may be<br> reused must become registry objects themselves. Extracting<br> parts of a model results in objects that are logically<br> inter-related. Thus, a registry model taking care of these<br> inter-relationships is needed. In this paper we present a<br> so-called business collaboration registry model that sits on<br> top of the ebRIM (ebXML registry information model) in<br> order to manage UMM business collaboration models in an<br> ebXML registry. Furthermore, we outline the registry management<br> functions for maintaining models in the registry.
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