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Current and future issues in BPM research: a European perspective from the ERCIS meeting 2010

J. vom Brocke, J. Becker, A. Braccini, B. Hofreiter, G. Schmidt, G. Vossen, R. Winter et al.
Communications of the Association for Information Systems, 1-28
393 - 414
Journal article
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Business Informatics
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Business process management (BPM) is a still-emerging field in the academic discipline of Information Systems<br> (IS). This article reflects on a workshop on current and future issues in BPM research that was conducted by<br> seventeen IS researchers from eight European countries as part of the 2010 annual meeting of the European<br> Research Center for Information Systems (ERCIS). The results of this workshop suggest that BPM research can<br> meaningfully contribute to investigating a broad variety of phenomena that are of interest to IS scholars, ranging<br> from rather technical (e.g., the implementation of software architectures) to managerial (e.g., the impact of<br> organizational culture on process performance). It further becomes noticeable that BPM researchers can make use<br> of several research strategies, including qualitative, quantitative, and design-oriented approaches. The article offers<br> the participants┬┤ outlook on the future of BPM research and combines their opinions with research results from the<br> academic literature on BPM, with the goal of contributing to establishing BPM as a distinct field of research in the IS<br> discipline.
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