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A model-driven top-down approach to inter-organizational systems: From global choreography models to executable BPEL

B. Hofreiter, C. Huemer
IEEE Computer Society
IEEE Joint Conference on E-Commerce Technology (CEC'08) and Enterprise Computing, E-Commerce, and E-Services (EEE'08)
136 - 145
Speech with proceedings
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Business Informatics
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Information and Communication Technology
ISBN: 978-0-7695-3340-7
Today, most approaches for inter-organizational business processes start bottom-up from the interfaces and the workflows of each partner described on the IT layer. Alternatively, one may start from the commitments and agreements between business partners to reach their complementary business goals. The latter approach is target of the UN/CEFACT Modeling Methodology (UMM), which models a global choreography. In a model driven approach the UMM artifacts must be further elaborated toward an IT solution for each participating business partner. For this purpose we have developed a UML profile to model a local choreography or an orchestration that respects the agreements made in the global choreography. In order to execute the local choreography / orchestration in the local IT, the processes must be machine-readable. For this purpose we demonstrate a transformation to the business process execution language (WS-BPEL).
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