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Pushing location based games further: How to gain end user suitability

J. Krösche, S. Drab, A. Jakl, C. Grün
European Academy of Digital Media
Multimedia and E-Content Trends
59 - 72
Keynote Speech with proceedings
Hidden Keywords: 
Mass Market, Spacerace, The Journey, GPS, Cell ID, Social Acceptance
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Business Informatics
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Information and Communication Technology
In recent years, mobile gaming has been believed to be the<br> next hype after the great success of the short messaging service<br> in Europe. Especially location based games (LBGs)<br> were said to be the next breakthrough for mobile gaming,<br> as those games exploit the location of the players during the<br> game flow. Although those kinds of mobile games are able<br> to o er a new and exciting experience, not many LBGs have<br> yet entered the market. According to this fact, the authors<br> believe that revenues created from this type of mobile applications<br> only make up a minor part of the whole mobile<br> games market, which is assumed to hit 7 billion EUR or 10<br> billion USD in 2009. The reason for the small market<br> share of LBGs is that several additional aspects that have<br> to be considered, adding to the large amount of restrictions<br> already present for conventional mobile games. This makes<br> it even more challenging to successfully market LBGs.
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