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Semamo: An Approach To Semantic Market Monitoring

N. Walchhofer, K. Fröschl, B. Dippelreiter, H. Werthner, M. Pöttler
Information Technology & Tourism, 11-3
197 - 210
Journal article
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Business Informatics
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Information and Communication Technology
The aim of the research project SEMAMO (Semantic Market Monitoring) is to make use of the<br> increasingly growing information available at web-based sales and marketing channels for market<br> research. This is accomplished by using semiautomatic analyses in combination with semantic<br> domain models, where the latter guide the statistical processing flow and the statistical results feed<br> back to the domain model. SEMAMO is based on the assumption that the Web may serve as a<br> "picture" of the reality and that the respective online channels map-in an accurate and timely<br> manner-market developments in terms of product descriptions, distribution, promotions, and<br> price developments. In this article we describe the background as well as the general approach and<br> report on our first results.
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