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Strategic Knowledge Management In An Innovative Sme Sector Company As An Ex-Ample Of Developments In Organizational Structures

J. Patalas-Maliszewska
University of Economics in Katowice
University of Economics in Katowice
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Business Informatics
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Information and Communication Technology
The growing interest and research into the concept of strategic-knowledge resource management in an innovative SME company has led to a proliferation of diverse definitions and perspectives, as well as a number, however limited, of empirical studies. The question is what role does staff play in innovation? Ever since it was argued that staff can also be sources of innovation, the literature on the role of staff during innovation has grown tremendously.<br> <br> In the proposed article, the author will present the concept of strategic- knowledge management in an innovative company while assessing the current state of the literature on the issue. An innovative SME company and the strategic-knowledge resources within an SME are strictly defined. Consequently the GMDH algorithm is proposed as an algorithm which will enable the connection of the qualifying criteria for an innovative company to the value of its strategic-knowledge resources (the Innov de-cision-making model).
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