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Web-Service basiertes Ressourcenmanagement

Master Thesis
Entwurf und Entwicklung eines generischen Systems bei dem die Belegung von Ressourcen in einem Datenbanksystem gespeichert werden. Über Web Services sollen Anfragen gestellt werden wie auch neue Belegungen eingetragen werden. Der Zugriff soll über eine Authorisierungskomponente gesteuert werden. Das System soll für unterschiedliche Arten von Ressourcen adaptierbar sein.
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Dorn, J.
In recent decades a transformation from a production‐based to a service‐based economy took place. In many countries the service‐sector is still growing and in most of them a so‐called information society established. One reason for these changes is the progressive technological development. Recent developments, such as service‐oriented architectures, are getting more and more attention in the academic and organizational fields and are one of the major topics in this work. Furthermore service‐near topics are mentioned and discussed. The major research question of the work is, if service‐oriented architectures support innovation and if it helps flexible realization and changes of business ideas and models. In addition, I specified what beside the implementation of a service‐oriented architecture has to be done to realize a business idea. A prototypical implementation of a service system using Web Services has been developed to answer this question. The created service system includes functions to search, select and book rooms of different providers. Moreover the work shows and explains how the system can be enhanced to handle generic resources. Methods of the "Rational Unified Process" have been used to fulfill the system development. This included process modeling, a requirements analysis,the design and the development of the prototype and several tests. Service‐oriented architectures can be used to assemble compositions of several individual services. This way a new functionality can be generated. This can be seen as innovative and flexible because it enables the implementation of new business models and an agile adaptability. In addition, within the work additional concepts have been introduced to achieve business automation.
Jan 2007