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188/4 Electronic Commerce Group

E-Business and E-Commerce include, besides other influencing domains, rapid changes to economic and social processes. For this reason, the E-Commerce group pursues taking an encompassing view at such processes reaching from analyzing enterprises and their respective processes to evaluating the entire market, as well as is active in creating ideas and solutions for meeting the demands of the respective stakeholders.

Overall, the E-Commerce group performs research and creates solutions in the Business-2-Business (B2B) and Business-2-Consumer (B2C) domains. In the B2B domain, the group focuses on (i) business (process) modeling and definition and consequently the specification and implementation of e-business systems while considering and contributing to semantic web research and service-oriented architectures, (ii) ontology engineering and information integration, (iii) "Web Science" focusing on network analysis and content as well as text mining. In the B2C domain, the E-Commerce group performs research targeting (i) visual interaction paradigms as well as (ii) mobile applications. Thereby, our group focuses especially on the development and application of our research in the area of e-tourism and its mobile applications.

Parts of the EC group are working on systems based research, namely on virtualized HPC systems, massive-scale data analytics and energy efficient ultra-scale distributed systems. Our goal thereby is to develop speculative methodologies and techniques to allocate resources in an energy efficient way, but at the same time meet requirements of the end users, like the certain latency of the applications. Our approaches are evaluated quantitatively on different scales by simulations, benchmarks or on experimental clusters. We strive to develop generic methods and methodologies but we let our research be inspired by a set of real world applications from different domains like life science (e.g., DNA sequencing) or social media (e.g., Facebook size data centers).

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New members of the EC group

Tatjana Slavova (Mag.rer.nat. Dr.rer.nat.)
Christina Maria Bachmaier (Mag. phil.)

We are pleased to introduce the new members of our group: Tatjana Slavova and Christina Maria Bachmaier.

Dr. Tatiana Slavova has joined the EC group as a project assistant. Previously, she worked at the University of Vienna, as well as at the Vienna University of Economics and Business and at the Institute for Advanced Studies. Before coming to Vienna, she was a professor of mathematics at the University of Civil Aviation in Kiev. She received her first master degree in applied mathematics at the faculty of Cybernetics at Taras Shevchenko National University (Kiev), and the second degree in Informatics and Applied Financial and Actuarial Science at the University of Nice (France). Tatjana has defended her PhD in applied mathematics at Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of the Academy of Sciences (Ukraine). The title of her thesis is “Optimal Control of Terminal Domains and Computation of the Accelerating and Focusing Structures”.
Research Interests: Financial and Actuarial Mathematics, Economics, Optimal Control and Optimization, Modeling under Uncertainty, Machine Learning, Text Mining

Christina Bachmaier was born in Upper Austria and moved to Vienna in 2005, to study Journalism and Communication Science. She has gained working experiences in project management and marketing at the Museum of Modern Art, the Medienwirtschaft Publishing House and Esprit PR and finally found her way to the Innovation Center at the Vienna University of Technology in 2014. Christina received a Master degree from University of Vienna in 2012. In her master thesis she focused on the impact of bad TV news on the (short-run) state of mind of the recipients. In an experiment with more than 140 participants she screened her thesis, illustrating her findings in a statistically master piece. At the Innovations Center Christina´s agendas include supporting visiting professors, students, keeping the website up-to-date as well as handling any other duties and responsibilities.

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IEEE TMC Event: "Validated Learning / Split Tests for Web Applications"

For start-ups related to web applications, the topic of validated learning & split tests is very important (see e.g. the book "The Lean Startup"). This event will be in German language and will report about our practical experience in applying the idea of split tests to TechnoWeb. If you are interested, you are invited to participate in the event. The participation is free of charge. A registration at http://doodle.com/aeu34xbrch5s922u is required.

Original Invitation (in German):
Liebe IEEE-Mitglieder (deren Societies dem IEEE Technology Management Council zugeordnet sind),

Das IEEE Technology Management Council Chapter Central Europe lädt Sie im Rahmen unserer Social Media Serie wieder zu einer spannenden Praxis-Veranstaltung ein:
Diesmal zum Thema
"Validated Learning / Split Tests bei Web-Applikationen"
Impulsvortrag von Andreas Oertl.

Datum: Mittwoch 27.11.2013
Zeit: 17:30-19:00, anschließend gemeinsames Abendessen, wer Lust hat.
Ort: TU-Wien, Favoritenstraße 9-11, 1040 Wien, 4. Stock, SEM 188/2,

Wer das Buch "The Lean Startup" gelesen hat, weiß wie wichtig es ist, so früh wie möglich Feedback von den Usern zu bekommen, ob ein neu eingeführtes Tool oder auch nur ein neues Feature in einem bestehen Tool wirklich das bewirkt, was angedacht ist.

Im Rahmen vom TechnoWeb Projekt haben wir erste Erfahrungen mit Split-Testing (oder A/B Testing) gemacht. Dabei wird nur einem zufällig ausgewählten Teil der User ein neues Feature zur Verfügung gestellt, um messen zu können, ob es die gewünschte Wirkung hat. Gar nicht so einfach wie wir dachten. Andreas Oertl ist bereit über die Erfahrungen zu berichten (TechnoWeb ist nur das Anwendungsbeispiel – das Thema selbst hat aber nichts mit TechnoWeb zu tun). Solche Messungen sollten sinnvollerweise statistisch signifikant sein, um Entscheidungen daraus ableiten zu können.
Bitte um Info, wenn auch wer von Euch Ebenfalls Erfahrungen hat und bereit ist darüber zu berichten – dann können wir das in die Agenda einplanen

Die Teilnahme ist kostenlos. Eine Anmeldung via Doodle ist jedoch erforderlich: http://doodle.com/aeu34xbrch5s922u

Beste Grüße,
Andreas Oertl und Michael Heiss
Doz. Dr. Michael Heiss
Siemens Corporate Technology
Technology & Innovation Management
Open Innovation & Scouting

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In 2015 the European Computer Science Summit (ECSS) will be hosted by the faculty of informatics, with Prof. Hannes Werthner as the program chair.

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We are pleased to announce that the E-Commerce group will host the ACM Conference on Recommender Systems (RecSys) in 2015. Prof. Hannes Werthner will be the general chair of the conference.

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The Informatics Innovation Center: Call for Application

The Informatics Innovation Center announces a new call for application to its innovation study curriculum. The submission deadline is Friday November 22nd, 2013. To find more detailed information about the curriculum and application process please follow here.

Open Data Mashup

Open Data Mashup
The Linked Data researchers of our institute have developed a Mashup solution for easy consumption of Vienna's Open Governmental Data (OGD). In order to explore the system, please follow this link.

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The course Information Search on the Internet will not be offered this Winter Term. For that reason, the course Web Science, which starts on November 21, can also be combined with Service Design, Management and Composition in order to constitute a module within the Specialization Track Business Informatics (SBI).

Service Design, Management and Composition is going to take place again in Summer Term 2014.

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CBI 2013 – 15th IEEE Conference on Business Informatics

The IEEE Conference on Business Informatics (CBI) constitutes the next step in the evolution of the IEEE Conference on e-Commerce and Enterprise Computing (CEC).

The first event under this new banner will take place at Vienna University of Technology, Austria, July 15 – 18, 2013.

The change in the name and scope of the conference is congruent to the renaming of the IEEE Technical Committee on e-Commerce to the IEEE Technical Committee on Business Informatics and Systems (TCBIS).

According to Nygaard, informatics is the science that has as its domain information processes and related phenomena in artefacts, society and nature. In the spirit of this definition, we consider business informatics as a scientific discipline targeting information processes and related phenomena in a socio-economical context, including companies, organizations, administrations and society in general. The IEEE Conference on Business Informatics seeks for methodological approaches to describe, explain, predict, and design information and communication models, architectures, and systems for the business environment. A key characteristic of business informatics research is that it considers a real-world business context in developing new theories and concepts that enable new practical applications. Thereby, business informatics research does not only extend the body of knowledge of the information society, but at the same time provides a tangible impact to industry. Or put it in other words – business informatics is research that matters!

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etOpt - eTourism Options Austria

The E-Commerce Group has just finished the report on strategic options for Austrian e-tourism. The full report is accessible here.

ATP Award 2012 for CDL-Flex

The contribution "Requirement analysis for integrated engineering – Mechanisms and practical demands" (atp edition 55(4), pp.28-35) [1] will be awarded with the atp-award 2012 in the category "Hochschule". Atp edition is a peer-reviewed professional and scientific magazine for automation technology. The award gains additional weight by the fact, that atp edition itself recently has been honored as German "Professional Media of the Year” ("Fachmedium des Jahres") in the category "Construction / Production / Industry".
The winning paper discusses on the basis of practical industrial applications the need for improved integration of data and functions from software tools for the automation of processes in the engineering of industrial plants. Strengths and limitations of three approaches for integration mechanisms in software tools are investigated, and requirements for the integration of heterogeneous tools are identified. A derived software solution – the Automation Service Bus – has been presented in a follow-up contribution.
"To us the honor is proof and incentive to keep doing top-notch research on the junction between university and industry and supporting the company partner of the laboratory, die lower Austrian logi.cals GmbH [2] developing highly innovative solutions for automation engineering”, stated laboratoy lead Stefan Biffl.
The award will be presented at the congress Automation 2013 [4] (June 25/26 in Baden-Baden) to Thomas Moser by the atp-editor-in-chief Prof. Leon Urbas [3]. Dr. Thomas Moser developed the award-winning research contribution as a PostDoc researcher in the area of Semantic Integration at the Christian Doppler research laboratory "Software Engineering Integration for flexible Automation Systems" (CDL-Flex [5]) together with his co-authors, Prof. Stefan Biffl and Dr. Richard Mordinyi.

[1] Biffl, S., Mordinyi, R., & Moser, T. (2012). Anforderungsanalyse für das integrierte Engineering - Mechanismen und Bedarfe aus der Praxis. atp edition, 5, 28-35.
[2] http://www.logicals.com
[3] https://www.di-verlag.de/de/atp-edition
[4] http://www.vdi-wissensforum.de/de/nc/angebot/detailseite/event/02TA202013/
[5] http://cdl.ifs.tuwien.ac.at/