188/4 E-Commerce Group
Institute of Software Technology and Interactive Systems
Vienna University of Technology
Favoritenstrasse 9-11/188, A-1040 Vienna, Austria


Supervisor Issued
Integration von e-Learning in ein Kompetenzmanagement Dorn, J. 2007-06-17
Business Service Registry Dorn, J. 2010-04-22
Optimization of ITSM Processes by Knowledge Management Dorn, J. 2011-02-10
Reusable data tier in production planning Dorn, J. 2015-04-16
Development of a Drupal module for case-based reasoning Dorn, J. 2015-05-21
Digital badges in education Dorn, J. 2014-08-27
Social-Driven Location Sharing in Education Dorn, J. 2014-07-27
Web Data Extraction of University Staff Competencies Dorn, J. 2015-01-27
User centered concept for a BDIM solution in Service Level Management Dorn, J. 2015-01-27
Applikation für Service Analyse Dorn, J. 2014-10-23
Applikation für Service Analyse Dorn, J. 2014-10-23
Drupal 7 Module for Language Test Dorn, J. 2016-01-18
Ontologie Editor for Liferay Dorn, J. 2014-09-04
Erfolgskontrolle der Kundenbindung in Social Media Marketing Dorn, J. 2015-08-01
The Virtual Community Evaluation Methodology Dorn, J. 2015-05-16
Enhancements of Case-based Reasoning with Collaborative Filtering Dorn, J. 2016-11-21
Collective Open Innovation in Tourist Destinations Dorn, J. 2016-06-30
Evaluation of KPI Management in existing Process Management Tools Dorn, J. 2016-08-29
Transformation of Service Blueprints into BPMN Dorn, J. 2016-08-25
Extending Flexibility in Course Management by explicite Reasoning about Competences Dorn, J. 2016-06-03
Relocation Strategies for Free-floating Carsharing Operators Dorn, J. 2015-10-07
Motivating users to quit smoking by means of social media Dorn, J. 2016-01-25
Development of a case-based system based on Drupal 7 CMS Dorn, J. 2015-09-23
Determination of Personal Value Porfolios by Selection of Pictures Dorn, J. 2016-05-31
Evaluation of digital badges for knowledge exchange platforms Dorn, J. 2014-04-01
Bibliography Extraction from Digital Libraries Dorn, J. 2013-11-13
Bibliography Extraction from Digital Libraries Dorn, J. 2013-11-13
Geographical knowledge-base for web-based search Dorn, J. 2013-08-23
Competence Evaluation on Base of the ACM Curricula Dorn, J. 2012-08-09
Social Job Search Dorn, J. 2011-03-18