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E-Business and E-Commerce include, besides other influencing domains, rapid changes to economic and social processes. For this reason, the research area pursues taking an encompassing view at such processes reaching from analyzing enterprises and their respective processes to evaluating the entire market, as well as is active in creating ideas and solutions for meeting the demands of the respective stakeholders.
   Overall, the electronic commerce research area performs research and creates solutions in the Business-2-Business (B2B) and Business-2-Consumer (B2C) domains. In the B2B domain, the group focuses on (i) business (process) modeling and definition and consequently the specification and implementation of e-business systems while considering and contributing to semantic web research and service-oriented architectures, (ii) ontology engineering and information integration, (iii) "Web Science" focusing on network analysis and content as well as text mining. In the B2C domain, the group performs research targeting (i) visual interaction paradigms as well as (ii) mobile applications. Thereby, our group focuses especially on the development and application of our research in the area of e-tourism and its mobile applications.
   Data Intelligence refers to the intelligent interaction with data in a rich, semantically meaningful ways, where data are used to learn and to obtain knowledge (in a pragmatic sense). In this context one may distinguish between a data and an interaction layer. At the data layer, methods come from online analytics, data mining, and machine learning. At the intelligent interaction layer, the focus is on recommender systems and information retrieval. Beyond the basic research on the foundations of these approaches, emphasis is also put on the adaptation of these approaches to specific domains, as well as evaluation methodologies (both empirical and user-centred). Domains in which we have done research include: Intellectual Property, technical & scientific publications, health & medicine, and enterprise social networks.
   High Performance Computing (HPC) Systems possess high level of computing performance compared to a general-purpose computer. Nowadays virtualized HPC systems are used to address balancing issue between overall system performance and energy efficiency. We conduct research in the area of energy efficient HPC system by developing speculative methodologies and techniques to allocate resources in an energy efficient way, but at the same time meet requirements of the end users, like the certain latency of the applications. We strive to develop generic methods and methodologies but we let our research be inspired by a set of real world applications from different domains like life sciences (e.g., DNA sequencing) or social media applications.


New PhD student: Mona Rasteh

Mona Rasteh was born in 1986 in Tehran, Iran. She received her B.Sc. degree in Information Technology from Tehran Azad University in June 2008, and her M.Sc. degree in Computer Science from Johannes Kepler University in June 2013. She is now a Ph.D. student in the E-Commerce group at Vienna University of Technology. Her interests are competence management and service systems. She is supervised by Prof. Dorn.

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"Mine Your Own Business: Evidence-based BPM using Process Mining"

Guest talk by Wil van der Aalst
Turning Event Data Into Valuable Insights on Performance and Compliance
Friday, 11 April 2014, 11.00-12.30, EI 9

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For an R&D project in the field of etourism we look for candidates with advanced software engineering and design capabilities, experience in service orientation and data modelling. In case you are interested and capable contact Prof. Werthner.

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Project "Personalized representation of travel information to speed up the booking decision process"

In this project we study information needs of people that are interested in group tours as well as interactions between them. Compared to other travel related products, customers require more heterogeneous and detailed information when booking a group tour; the decision making process usually takes longer.

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Project "EIT ICT Lab Austria"

The EC group has - together with Eutema and i2c - launched a new project "EIT ICT Lab Austria". Its aim is to prepare an Austrian participation in the ICTLabs of the European Institute of Technology (EIT).

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New members of the EC group

Tatjana Slavova (Mag.rer.nat. Dr.rer.nat.)
Christina Maria Bachmaier (Mag. phil.)

We are pleased to introduce the new members of our group: Tatjana Slavova and Christina Maria Bachmaier.

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IEEE TMC Event: "Validated Learning / Split Tests for Web Applications"

For start-ups related to web applications, the topic of validated learning & split tests is very important (see e.g. the book "The Lean Startup"). This event will be in German language and will report about our practical experience in applying the idea of split tests to TechnoWeb. If you are interested, you are invited to participate in the event. The participation is free of charge. A registration at http://doodle.com/aeu34xbrch5s922u is required.

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In 2015 the European Computer Science Summit (ECSS) will be hosted by the faculty of informatics, with Prof. Hannes Werthner as the program chair.

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We are pleased to announce that the E-Commerce group will host the ACM Conference on Recommender Systems (RecSys) in 2015. Prof. Hannes Werthner will be the general chair of the conference.

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The Informatics Innovation Center: Call for Application

The Informatics Innovation Center announces a new call for application to its innovation study curriculum. The submission deadline is Friday November 22nd, 2013. To find more detailed information about the curriculum and application process please follow here.

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